Anatolia Rubber


“ANATOLİA KAUÇUK PARK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., established by taking the center of Istanbul as a center, provides a professional service to its customers in many parts of our country together with its carefully selected staff and business partners.

ANATOLİA KAUÇUK works with zero work accident policy without sacrificing the quality with its continuously improving working staff.

An innovative and leading-minded management team, by respecting human and environment, plans to offer permanent targets to its partners in their projects, ANATOLIA RUBBER produces permanent and quality solutions.”


“Looking from a different angle when producing the project of the future will change a lot. Provides inspiration to the structure, which is and the idea groundbreaking open innovation. With Cartoon different style that brings a new breath to the sector by and concept projects, we aim to create a brand which has designing Turkey’s largest supplier chain. We are looking for what has not been done before, apart from the usual patterns, away from imitation and stereotypes, adding value to the sector with a perspective that is at the center of innovation.”

Why Anatolia?

We specialize

We stand behind every product we produce. We prepare all of our products with the best raw materials, the most accurate formulation and our qualified production team and we are ready to introduce our customers to Anatolia Aş. We offer you under the guarantee.

Why Anatolia?

We keep the standard of the products instantly in stock.

Why Anatolia?

Our research

We share our quality certificates and independent test results with you.

Why Anatolia?

Our products

We offer a wide and rich range of products.

Why Anatolia?


We produce turnkey solutions to all your application areas and we guide you in the direction of our experience.

Why Anatolia?

We are fast

We take the non-standard orders from you as quickly as possible to the production line and deliver them on the date we commit.